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The 5S Company started an improvement procedure from ourCI-Company at AVR. This showed that a lot of time is lost searching for material. Nothing has a fixed place and many materials are lost or damaged. Also, we do not work according to a common standard, but from our own interpretation of what is good. The need for clarity and a common standard soon became clear and for that a 5S procedure is a very good basis.


We as 5s Company spent 2 days working on our 5S roll-out together with a group of operators. Because it is a polluted environment, a week was scheduled between the two days in which a lot of cleaning could be done. There was an alternation between theory and practice here as well, so all 5 Ss were covered. The operators came up with good ideas, several of which were immediately implemented. Because the project was carried out with the operators themselves, there was immediate support and enthusiasm. The participants subsequently transfer the information to their teammates, who will receive a 5S training later on, in order to be able to fully connect to the safeguarding of 5S.


AVR is specialized in the processing of various types of residual waste. They convert this waste into energy and raw materials for households and businesses. AVR's ambition is to create a clean world in which nothing remains unused.

AVR separates no less than 430 million kilograms of residual waste per year with the NSI (garbage separation plant), with 2 sorting lines running day and night. That equals the residual waste of approximately 2 million people. The plant is equipped with the latest and most modern technical gadgets: flat screens, windshifters, ballistic separators, a shredder and near-infrared scanners. Approximately ten to fifteen percent of the waste that goes over the belt consists of plastics and beverage cartons and is intercepted with all these techniques. This plastic consists of different types: foils, 2D and 3D mix plastic. The remaining residual waste continues via a conveyor belt to our waste and power plant, where the rest is given a useful place in society in the form of energy and raw materials. 

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