5s app

Securing change is a challenge for many companies. This takes time, attention, focus and perseverance. To make this securing phase effective and visual, we have developed a 5s app. The 5s app ensures that the final phase of 5S ( the Maintenance phase) is executed efficiently. 

Functions of the 5s app:

Simple daily and quick capture of situations

Low-threshold and ad hoc recording of anomalies, including photographs and location by people on the shop floor.



Conducting internal and external audits, record findings and determine scores per department.


Managing daily monitoring of open actions and scores.



Recording and interactive sharing of safety and cleaning agreements per department (possibly by means of narrow casting).




If desired, discuss any progress immediately in teams using the semi-digital 5S boards.

Accelerating and securing improvements 

The 5s app provides real-time insight into which actions need to be monitored by whom, and what its progress is. This feature provides tools to better manage the transformation, allowing the company to professionalise faster. Because everyone is involved on the shop floor, this is not an ad hoc activity but a continuous process, interwoven in the execution of daily work. This is a simple and effective way of ensuring that internal (audit) rounds can take place more often.                                                                                       

By using our Safety app in addition to the 5s app, any safety points identified are included in the Safety registrations. The contribution of the 5S programme and the 5S app to the safety of your company is significant.

Who is the 5S app meant for?

  • Companies that (want to) start with a 5S programme and want an effective and useful tool to secure the first 4Ss. 
  • Companies that have already done a 5S rollout and want to give a boost to their security. The successful implementation of a new tool depends largely on the acceptance by the users. 

For an optimal rollout, we offer a customised audit programme and 'train the trainer' course in addition to the app. Experience shows that this combination leads to a successful roll-out.


The registration of an anomaly during a 'quick round' or during an internal or external audit can easily be done via a tablet by the team leader or by an external auditor. During the round, the most essential fields are filled and a picture is added immediately to make the situation visually clear. When the round is finished, an audit also results in a score. After this, no additional elaboration is needed. Presenting, updating, narrow casting and the like are several functions of the 5s app. The accessibility ensures that in fact every employee can register anomalies. This is important, because the more people register anomalies, the faster the 5S DNA is activated.


After an audit or a quick round, you can view the findings via a categorised overview. Filtering by department and team provides a clear overview of the relevant open actions. An interactive dashboard is available with all notifications in progress, including progress status and timeliness to support operational control. During the daily or weekly team meeting, the outstanding actions and scores are discussed. Action holders and deadlines can then be added together via the tablet and possibly also via the semi-digital boards. These semi-digital boards can be custom made and delivered in the look & feel of your company.



Visibility contributes to the acceptance of change and facilitates behavioural change in people. It is important to regularly see information relating to 5S and Safety. For example, the scores of an audit or the findings of a quick round. The custom-made semi-digital boards with integrated Smart TV screen contribute to this. The signs are (wirelessly) connected to our Apps and are used to:

  • Discuss daily findings with the team (Operational consultation)
  • During working hours, the following points are shown on the screens in succession: the department-specific 5S and Safety findings, 5S agreements made, scores and any other relevant messages (narrowcasting).

The magnetic part next to and below the screen can be used to make notes, to post suggestions for improvement or to place other news that should be continuously visible.